Join the 2016 Freedom Ride!

March 21st to April 1st, 2016, people from across Palestine and abroad will join communities in some of the key areas of oppression and resistance in occupied Palestine. The Freedom Ride will be the fifth annual ride and take place as part of The Freedom Theatre’s ten-year anniversary.

Over the past decade we have devoted ourselves to what our co-founder, the late Juliano Mer Khamis, called the “Cultural Intifada” – a movement that harnesses the force of creativity and artistic expression in the quest for freedom, justice and equality.

In celebration of our 10-year milestone, we are calling on friends and comrades from around the world to join us for the annual Freedom Ride – an initiative organised through The Freedom Theatre’s Freedom Bus project in partnership with popular struggle committees across Occupied Palestine.

The 2016 Freedom Ride will offer a gathering point for artists and activists engaged in diverse movements around the world. Together we will engage in mutual exchange through storytelling, discussions, teach-ins, interactive theatre and other cultural actions in some of the key areas of oppression and resistance within Occupied Palestine.

The ride will commence in Jenin on March 21st.  We will then travel to the Jordan Valley and stay there for several days before moving on to the Bethlehem area and the South Hebron Hills. The ride will end on April 1st

Unlike past rides, and based on experiences from those past rides, we ask you to join the Freedom Ride only if you can commit to attending the entire period. This is important for the group process and the quality of the activities in the ride. 

The Freedom Ride is focused on financially impoverished communities and living conditions during the ride will be very simple. Some host communities lack basic services including electricity, telephone lines, running-water, sewage systems, schools and clinics. Accommodation will be simple, in shared rooms or communal spaces. Showering facilities will not always be available and in some places we will be using outdoor toilets.

In short, this ride will require a high tolerance level and you should be prepared for what may be perceived as stressful situations, and be willing to deal with them in a calm, supportive way. In return, you will get a completely unique, first-hand experience of life in Occupied Palestine and get to participate directly in the movement towards freedom and justice in Palestine!

Local participants: 550 NIS.
International participants: 550 US Dollars.

The fee includes:

  • Transport during the ride (participants must organise their own transport to Jenin prior to the ride).
  • 3 meals per day (vegetarian alternatives will always be offered).
  • Shared accommodation (if you prefer more privacy, we recommend that you bring your own tent.) Mattresses and blankets will be provided but for your own comfort, we recommend that you bring a sleeping bag.

The fee must be paid by 1st February 2016 but as places are limited we recommend you pay the fee as soon as possible. Make the payment here. Please note that it can not be paid through our US partner MECA as a tax-deductible donation as it is a fee, not a donation. Also note that we are unable to give discounts to the fee as it barely covers our own costs for the ride.

The 2016 Freedom Ride is organised in partnership with Jordan Valley Solidarity (, the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee and a multitude of other local organisations and individuals.

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See photos and read statements from previous participants here and read daily reports from the 2015 Freedom Ride here on the blog.