2015 Freedom Ride Day #2: Nabi Saleh

The Freedom Bus took off from Jenin in the morning and the first stop was Nabi Saleh, where the group, now about 50 people, participated in a weekly demonstration. As every Friday, the Israeli army turned up and as always the whole collection of weapons that Iyad Burnat had told the group about on the first day of the Freedom Ride (stun grenades, tear gas grenades of various kinds – lethal and completely forbidden to use directly against civilians, rubber-coated steel bullets) were all on display, but this week, thankfully, nobody was injured. At the last demonstration, on March 13th, the Israeli occupation forces injured one person and three women were arrested and beaten. Read more about Nabi Saleh’s ongoing struggle against land confiscation, settlement expansion and army harassment: Nabi Saleh Solidarity.

Nabi Saleh

Nabi Saleh III

Nabi Saleh demo II

Nabi Saleh X

Nabi Saleh XI


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