Join the Freedom Ride’s cultural events!

Throughout the 2015 Freedom Ride, there will be cultural events open for anybody to join. Here is a tentative program:

19/3 16:00 Jenin, Music with Al Kamanjati
21/3 16:30 Bil’in, Playback Theatre performance by the Freedom Bus Troupe
23/3 14:30 Al Hadedeye, Jordan Valley, Playback Theatre performance by the Freedom Bus Troupe
24/3 Afternoon Fasayel, Jordan Valley, Playback Theatre performance for children
27/3 17:00 Umm el Kheer, South Hebron Hills, Playback Theatre performance by the Freedom Bus Troupe
28/3 17:00 Aida Camp, Cultural event at Al-Rowwad Theatre 29/3
18:00 Jerusalem, El Hakawati Theatre Playback Theatre performance by the Freedom Bus Troupe
30/3 15:30 Jerusalem, Cultural event at ArtLab

Playback Theatre

The wheels are turning!…

February is upon us and this year’s Freedom Ride is drawing closer! Here at The Freedom Theatre we are busy with the preparations and we are excited to soon be able to share this adventure with you. 

We now have just over 45 people who have signed up to join the ride. As we cannot accept more than 35 international participants, we strongly encourage those who want to join us and have not yet paid the registration fee to do so to guarantee a seat on the bus. The fee is $25 and can be paid either through PayPal or bank transfer. All details on our donation page. Once the payment has been made, please send a confirmation by email to

This year’s Freedom Ride will begin in Jenin where the first two days will be spent getting to know The Freedom Theatre, the city and the camp, and perhaps most importantly, the participants will get to know each other. Then we will get on the bus and go to Nabi Saleh, Bil’in and on to the Jordan Valley and South Hebron Hills. The last days will be spent in Jerusalem. As always, it’s perfectly fine to join single days, parts of the ride or any of the cultural events that will be organised as part of the Freedom Ride (schedule to follow).

We hope you will join us on what promises to be an eventful ride!