2014 March Freedom Ride concludes

The March Freedom Ride has officially come to an end. 

Many new friendships have formed within the group but also with local communities. Everyone leaves inspired and strengthened by the unique and life-changing experience that is the Freedom Ride. Palestine is in all our hearts! Mabrouk (congratulations) to everyone who has worked hard to support communities, braved our encounters with the occupation forces and given so much of themselves – be that through planting an olive tree or sharing through playback theatre workshops. This year’s Freedom Ride may be over but the Freedom Family will live on!

“I don’t know if there are words to express how I feel or the truth that sings in my heart. Today was the last full day on The Freedom Bus and I am feeling so many conflicting emotions. I am happy to be going home to my partner, family and friends, and yet I will truly miss the new friends/family that I have made along this journey. The injustices that I have witnessed with my own eyes is at times too catastrophic to explain, but I know I will do my best. My hope is that I will bring this truth home with me and share it everyone and anyone I come into contact with. I will carry this truth with me wherever I go. The stories that I have heard the people that I have met will always be with me. Inshallah.” – Meredith Pass, March Freedom Ride participant



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