Another community visit

In two weeks from today we will be setting out on our March Freedom Ride 2014. To make sure that both volunteers and locals get the most out of this amazing endeavour, we have gone to visit some of the communities and created an itinerary for our two-week journey through occupied Palestine. And having been lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the great things to come, we can assure you that if you are part of this year’s group, you are in for a special treat. Different activities, walks through breathtaking landscapes, work with local communities and children, cultural events in the evenings that will make you want to never leave this country again… It all adds up to a memorable and unique stay here in beautiful Palestine – and what better way to learn about the impacts of apartheid and occupation than to actively contribute to putting an end to them? The souvenir you will take with you will be the smiles you are bound to put on children’s faces, the unforgettable stories and fates shared during our playback theatre performances and the great new friends you will make for life.

Ready for it? We can’t wait to welcome you here in the refugee camp of Jenin to prepare for what we already know will be an epic journey of discovery. Welcome onboard the Freedom Bus!

The Freedom Bus is still happy to welcome last-minute guests on board, and of course you can always be part through those vital donations which enable us to make a real difference to people’s lives in the occupied territories of Palestine.

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